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Offensive Tagalog Pickup Lines

This psot is also from the comments. These ones are the offensive and mean Pick up Lines! Mga pang-asar! And some of them are just plain stupid. Read them here ’cause they won’t be approved. boy: baboy kb?? girl; bkit? gs2 mo baboyin kta?? boy; miss tae kaba? girl: bakit? boy: nakakasuka ka kc..!!! suka […]

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More Cheesy Pinoy Pick Up Lines 2016

Those Cheesy Pinoy Pickup Lines are the most popular things in this blog. No surprise since I don’t write anything else interesting. So here are more. These ones are from the other post‘s comments. In-love ako sa iyo, alam mo ba ito?Na ang damdamin ko ay nabihag moSa bawat sandali nais kang madatmanAt ang iyong […]

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