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The Dancing Android Mascot Video

In the battle between iOS and Android and what each can and can’t do compared to the other, this sure is one thing Android can do that iOS can’t! The Dancing Android Mascot Video is viral video shot from a Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc kiosk/booth/stand(?) in Taiwan. Though dancing mascots are not new to us, […]

Twilight For Men

As much as I hate the series, Twilight stupidity is here to stay. Even though there is practically no hype these days since no new movie is going out soon, a lot of dedicated fans are still into the vampire story based on what I read on FML. I don’t know any self-respecting straight man […]

Sen Miriam Defensor Santiago Pick-up Lines (UPDATED Nov 2011)

Since my pick-up lines post is so popular, I thought I should post this. This page requires a higher version browser alternate : Watch no less than Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago deliver the popular cheesy lines. And notice as she, herself, can’t help but giggle. This was on the University of the Philippines Institute of […]

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