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Free Mobile Internet Browsing with Globe Prepaid and then some

This last few days I found a way to browse the internet for free on your Globe mobile phone. At least on a Nokia Series 40 phone that is. I have it working on my old Nokia 3110c. The discovery kept me busy for the past two days while I was watching over a relative in the hospital.

A friend introduced the idea and pointed me to a download page to download a certain browser for a mobile device. I did not use it since it did not work for the first time. But out of nowhere, Globe sent updated handset settings to my phone and it worked.

What to do:

Ensure that you have the most updated Connection Settings for your handset from Globe.

Then download the latest version of Opera Mini for your device. Opera is a less-popular internet browser compared to IE, Firefox and Safari. Like IE and Safari, Opera has a direct counterpart for mobile devices which is Opera Mini which is yet to happen for Firefox.

Transfer the file on your phone. Locate the file and launch the browser program using the file. Just follow the prompts (the program will install itself on the source directory so I suggest you use the memory card if you have an older or low end phone like I do). If asked to allow network access, just click click Yes or Proceed. It should take you to the main page. To open the browser again, just go to the same location and the Opera Icon should be there.

If it does not work saying that there is no network connection, it might be due to the previous and probably incorrect settings saved on your phone. This is what worked for me:

Default Configuration Settings: Globe Prepaid (latest one that Globe sent)
Preferred Access Point: myGlobe INET

Upon tinkering with the browser, I found that it uses a proxy server that seems to bypass Globe.

Another thing that I observed from using this mobile browser is it can download a posted video in Multiply even if you are not a Premium Member. But be warned, doing so will get you out of the browser interface and thus subject to Globe’s data charges. Which makes the whole idea kind of stupid and pointless for most of us. Anyway, the loophole might sound interesting for any hacker to exploit.

DISCLAIMER: This is working as of May 21, 2009. Sooner or later, Globe will be aware of this and they will update their network accordingly and applicable charges will occur when you browse. Please be advised. Data usage charges are surprisingly un-cheap.

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  1. hi carlo; for some reasons my phone internet is not working, i believe i erased some of the settings of the phone especially the myglobe INET, how do i get it back, my phone wont allow me to install new settings nor delete the old one

  2. You can call Globe customer service and they can send you the settings for your phone. I think they can even walk you through setting up the phone manually.

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