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First Kimstore Purchase

Kimstore is without a doubt the most popular online gadget store in the Philippines. They have been around for four years (I think). And even though I’ve been buying gadgets online for years now, this is my first purchase from Kimstore. Here is my story.

First contact is ok. They were not able to reply immediately but that’s very understandable since it’s the Chrimtmas season. I like the fact that they reply within a few hours with complete answers to your inquiries. But what I like most is that they are nice. I don’t get the “just another customer” feeling.

Ordering and setting-up of the meeting went smooth too. No problems at all. They even called on the day of the meet-up to confirm the meeting.

However, I had a slight issue during the meet-up. We had initially agreed to meet at 2pm on a McDonald’s branch. We (my gf and her cousin) got at the mall at 1pm and went to McDonald’s. We texted the Kimstore agent and at around 1:30 and told him we were at McDonald’s already, he said he was already at the MRT meaning it would take a maximum of ~30 minutes for him to get to our meeting place in Makati. He should be at our meeting place before 2pm.

It was already 2:05 but he hasn’t texted yet. We texted him and he said he was at McCafe!(the other end of the Mcdo branch we were at!) He was already there since before 2pm and entertaining customers. I just wished he contacted us when he got there. He knew we were waiting for him since around 1pm.

Anyway, when we got there, he was entertainig other Kimstore shoppers. The good thing is, he really knows what he’s doing. He’s very organized and knowledgeable. The whole pick-up and payment process went very smooth. I saw that he was able to answer all the customer’s inquiries. It’s very pleasing and reassuring when your questions are answered when buying something (especially gadgets) especially when you’re spending thousands of Pesos on the purchase.

It’s very easy to see why Kimstore is so popular –

  • Wide selection of products
  • Store warranty
  • Very good prices
  • Excellent customer relations
  • Knowledgeable staff

It’s just so sad that they don’t have Canon products from some reason. 🙁

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