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My Name is Carlo. I create websites for small and medium-sized businesses. I am a full time web designer from Batangas, Philippines. I love web design, minimalism, the color white and beautiful typography.

I Make Websites, Want One?


What I Do

I create brochure-type websites with powerful media galleries to effectively showcase a business' products and services. My websites also have convenient contact forms that allow clients and potential clients to get in touch with business owners. I can also create eCommerce websites that allows merchants to sell their products and receive payments through their websites. I offer the best possible prices for website creation services. I can offer all-in services where I take care of EVERYTHING you need for your website. Just give me materials for your website and I'll take care of everything from registering the domain name up to launching the website. We can even use a domain name registrar and web hosting company you like! But if you are a little more technical, you may also purchase your own domain name and web hosting. And from there, I can start creating and designing the website. You may also hire me afterwards to maintain and update your website. It's all up to you.

Websites Creation For Small Businesses

I create beautiful and elegant websites to showcase your business’ services and products. I can make powerful image galleries to effectively entice your website visitors and convert visits into inquiries. In-website inquiry forms can be placed for you and your visitors’ convenience.

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Website Updates, Edits and Maintenance

Do you have an existing website but are not happy with how it looks or how it works? I offer the following: Content management – upload new pictures, videos or write-ups to existing or new pages in your website. I can also edit existing content. Adding functionality – need your website to do something more? […]

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Website Re-Imagining and Re-Design

Tired of your old and outdated website? Had a falling out with your web designer/developer? I can help you! An old and out-of-date website is telling your potential clients that you have stopped caring about how you present yourself, your services and your products. It’s like you stopped caring for your business. You need a […]

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eCommerce Websites

I create eCommerce websites. eCommerce websites are websites with a shopping cart functionality. This means you can reduce the work involved in selling your goods online. You will be able to accept payments via the following: Bank Deposit Money Transfer Paypal Credit Card Samples: Shop Page Login / Registration Page Page User Account Page Cart […]

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